hey!!! my name is kelly . im a SENIOR at big walnut high school in the HUGE town of sunbury ohio. class of 2005 baby!!i play softball and tennis, and i LOVE to shop!!! i work at buckle now, and it seems like i live at the mall!! i am also a huge OHIO STATE BUCKEYES fan!!! eventhough we lost to stupid Michigan this year, we still rock!! i love all my friends!! i dont know what i would do w/o them, friends are the best!! anyways..if u wanna know whats up with me, check out my blog and leave me a message;)!!!!

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Today is thursday, which means its OC night!!! cant wait!! Ryan just needs to leave Marissa. shes psycho!! anyways.....just another boring day in sunbury. tonight i have a pitching lesson w/ Ron, Yeah!! Im in a really good mood today and i dont know why. its about time tho, i've felt like a bitch for the last 2 days!! sorry if i've offended anyone with my bad mood, shit happens. so...today is a GREAT day for no apparent reason. i love those type of days

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Friday, September 24, 2004
Homecoming game day!

today is the homecoming game!!! yeah!! we're playing westerville central, so its gonna b a blowout!!   me and ashley are going shoe shopping after school, then i have to come back to the school to decorate coaches truck for the homecoming parade. then the whole team is gonna be in the parade, fun stuff. then i'm going to the game then i think me and ash are gonna do somthing. idk, but tommrow is the dance. now i guess mike might come w/ ash, so i think adam might come too so mike will have someone to hang out with. it'll b fun either way. anyway...bells about to ring.

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Friday, September 17, 2004
yeah!!! its friday!!!

today is friday, thank the lord!!! we had big plans to go to the game, but its been pouring down rain all day so i think we arent going to go. so heres the new deal.... if mike wants to do something w/ ashley, then im going to go out w/ herbie or joel.  if she doesnt, then were going shopping and then back to my house for a girls night!!!
nothing really excieting has happened today, just a normal old day!! i talked to mike last night about josh, and he told me pretty much what i already knew.  i just dont understand how some people can be so stupid!!! i mean shes a sophomore!! anyways....he's going out with her tonight and for some reason that bothers me. i know it shouldnt and i REALLY dont want it to, but it does.  i just need to realize that nothing is ever going to happen w/ him and thats best

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
tennis vs franklin hts.

today has been a lonnnnng day!! woke up at 6:30, got a shower and got ready, and i was actually kinda early to school, which never happens!! went to 1 per, then to study hall where i found sophia asleep outside!! she had fallen asleep during 1period study hall and didnt wake up when the bell rung so she was like 1/2 late to her 2nd period class. funny stuff man!! then went to world lit where i fell asleep....again(like i do everyday).  then i went to lunch where me and ash and megs had some cool conversations about the weekend.  i really wanna c those pics meg!! but i think its prolly a good idea if you dont bring them to school!! then went to physics and did this stupid acceleration lab. i hate it!!! now im in accounting.  tonight is our match against franklin hts. and i think i might play singles. fun fun!!!! 
Last night: we had our match but i didnt play b/c coach switched up the lineup. they were pretty bad, we only lost one game on all the courts.  then i went homecoming dress shopping with leslie, she cracks me up.  i had to pick out all the dresses for her to try on and when i'd ask her if she liked it she would always say, "its a dress!!" so she pretty much let me pick it out for her, it was kinda cool.  then i had a meeting at work that was pointless, but its all gravy. went home and then went to bed about 11:30
thats it for now


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Monday, September 13, 2004

today is monday, and it seems like just an hour ago it was friday!!so this was my weekend in a nutshell.
friday: had freshman innitiation after school and this stupid sophomore, courtney, threw this water with lotion in it all over me!! it was nasty. then i went to the mall w/ megs and shopped at buckle for like an hour. i was late leaving, so i had to rush home to change for senior night and i was late to that too. so then i walked on the field with my parents and they said our names over the loudspeaker.  it was kinda cool having both my parents together, ya know?? then i stayed and watched the football game and we won 30-15!! go big nut!! then i went to new albany to meet josh, ashley and mike.  we went and drove around na and did stupid stuff. josh lost his hat out the window and had to go chase it!! then mike and him got out of my car and danced in the sprinkler, then got in my car all wet, thanks guys!! jk, luv ya!! then i went home at like 12:30
saturday:i was up the night b4 cleaning my room till like 4am so i could go out sat.  so then i woke up at like 8, went and met joel, and we went over to my dads house to watch the buckeyes game.  we played euchre and me and joel beat dad and darla!! it was pretty sweet!! then i took him to work and went to meet ashley at the mall, again!! we shopped around and stole a bunch of sweet sale candy bars from jc penny. it was funny. we were in the dressing room trying shirts on and this girl walked in on us and gave us a really weird look. it was funny!!

bells about to ring, so i'll finish this later

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004
brownie bladder blizzard

today was a very fun/stressfull day. i woke up at like 8 and got ready and started trying to order t-shirts for the tennis team. ashley came over at like 10 and we tried to make a design for the t's. finally, we got it!! then we were gonna go to shop, but i couldnt find my paycheck to cash. so i just thought i would get cash out and deposit it later. when we pulled into the bank i opened my purse and found it!!! i was like yeah!!!!!!! so then we went to the mall and returned something from hott topic and got phi's a present.  then we went to eat at chick-fil-a. good stuff. then we starred at david the hott steak escape guy for about 20 minutes, jk, then we went to target. we played this game where we would throw balls down an aisle and see if we could make them hit in midair. everytime we did, they would go flying into the shelves and knock about 20 things over!! then this guy came over and walked down the aisle and looked at us like we rode the shortbus!! FUNNY STUFF!!! then we went to joann's to get stuff for our "project", but then we got distracted by these dow rod things and started sword fighting up and down the aisles. so we thought it would be fun to buy them. then we went to DQ and ashley got a brownie batter blizzard, but she kept calling it a brownie bladder blizzard. then we saw this school bus of guys so we acted like we kissed at a stop light and they just about lost it!! why do guys think thats so hott?? i mean, i dont think its hott when 2 guys kiss, ya know?? anyways...then we came home and fenced, and painted our swords. my swords name is black lightining. so after that i went to tennis where me and mern got beat...again!! im so sick of losing to these little brats that i just want to smack them!! its ok...we'll beat them tommrow!! so then me and shells went to wendy's after tennis. i saw phillip workin there. he looked like he was having TONS of fun!!! so then we came over to my house where we read cosmo and ate corn on the cob on top of my roof.  shelly cracks me up!! we had some good convo's that we havn't had in a while and then came downstairs and watched the end of footloose. kevin bacon was so cute when he was younger!!! now im updating this thing.

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well....so now that the summer is coming to a close....im going to attempt to update this thing.
i guess the best thing to do is just go over some of the highlights.so..........here it goes!!

~going to london with rikki and aunt cheryl (eventhough they werent as "outgoing" as i would've liked, it was nice seeing them and now i can say ive been to LONDON BABY!!!!
~i started working at the buckle at polaris. its a fun job because you get to  just talk all day. plus, all i do is play with clothes all day!!! AND..... you meet some pretty cool new people!! wink wink. eventhough i work like 30 hours  a week on top of softball/tennis, i still like it
~went to red white and boom for the first time in like 4 years!!!
~made up with jess
~got to see john when i went to south carolina to see aunt cheryl
~played in about 7 softball tournaments, came in second in 3, won 1, and qualified for the world series
~went to bike night a bunch of times with elisabeth and met "JAXON", i never really liked bikes that much, but now i think they're soooooo hot. not really like harleys, but like honda crotch rockets!! lol
~met ryan the abercrombie model and hung out with him and elisabeth and josh some....lol....good times
~got caught in the downpour of the century while boating/waterskiing at alum creek
~had my senior pictures taken by a woman whose favorite phrases are..."you're gonna love your pictures" and "you're not gonna be able to choose which pictures you want"
~got lost in downtown springfield for like 3 hours in the ghetto with christina and wore our "sunhats" to try and stop people from looking at us....it didnt work!!
~stayed in the most ronchie hotel in cleveland with the heartbreakers. there was throwup on the floor, blood on the pillow, hair all over stuff, roaches crawling up the wall, and jiz EVERYWHERE!! we're talkin carpets, walls, beds, and picture frames!! all i have to say is WOW!!! i'll never stay in a days inn again!
~learning how to pole dance in the outfield with stephanie

eventhough i know there's more, i cant really think of anything else superexcieting, so if i think of it later, i'll add it in

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
what the f***

so this is my new view on my life.  everyday is the same and it will continue being the same, day in and day out!! this is so depressing!! i cant wait till im out of high school and all this stupid immature crap is over with!!  something else i've discovered is that guys dont know what they want, and the very few that do have something wrong with them.  i dont understand how one minute a guy can be telling you how much you mean to him and how much he loves you, telling you he had a dream about marrying you and how it would be soooooo nice, and the next minute leave you at a gas station in BFE and not call you for 2 days.  this all LITERALLY happened in a matter of minutes!! so my question is...."what the F***?!?!?"   at least girls know what they want and most try to b honest about it.  guys are just screwed up!! becoming a leslie is sounding better and better (j/k)!!!

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Friday, April 23, 2004
softball softball softball

so it seems like ALL i ever do is play softball!!! yesterday we had a game in Marysville and lost Horribley because it was raining the ENTIRE time!! and then they called the game as soon as it was stopping!! sometimes i dont understand people!! then the umpire looked exactly like Mr Magoo!! he was really funny and gave us all good luck gum before the game!! i just love old people, they're so much fun!!  anyways big nut loses to marysville 9-2.so them today i didnt even want to get out of bed, but i did.  so then school was kinda pointless because everyone is in boston or florida so i didnt do anything in any of my classes. me, ashley, brooke and shawn played pictionary in spanish. good times!! then i got to eat alot in foods because it was demo day!  after school i went to dairy mart to get some food and i saw my little arrib friend.  he gives me free stuff all the time!! I LOVE IT!! i sound like such a cow because i keep talking about food. anywayz.....then i went to my game.  i was feelin pretty sucky, but then i found out that i was ranked in the top pitchers in the area for my ERA and games won.   it was pretty sweet!! so that made me feel better and then i had a great game.  we beat olentangy liberty 4-1.  good job guys!!! jenny made this great dive for this ball that everyone thought she almost had and landed right on her chest!! it sounded like it hurt, but once we found out she was ok, it was hailarious!! then i talked to ashley and megans moms a little bit at the JV baseball game and then came home.  stan brought home pizza that was awesome (talkin bout food again) and then i talked to jeff a little and now im going to bed!! gotta get some rest, double header tommrow!!

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so yeah!! long time no write!! i've been so busy with softball, school and other stuff i havnt had time to write.  so lately i've just been playing softball. right now i think we're 9-5, or somthin like that.  florida was a blast!! the team had soooo much fun, despite all the dd!! plus i met jeff which made it all that much better!! camcorders are the best, let me tell ya!! if it wer'nt for that we would've never met!! thanks for bringing it nick!! so anyways....i'll just start trying to update more and keep everyone up to date.  not that alot of people read this, but ya know!!

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